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Are You Ready To Become A Homeowner ?

If your answer is yes to the question... stop all the spending sprees, and stop using your credit to make major purchases, until after you have bought your new home. This kind of spending will only lower your Fico score, and increase your debt to income, and make things difficult for you to qualify for a Real Estate Purchase loan.

Your mortgage Pre-Approval is so very important to you receiving lender financing to purchase a new home, especially if you are not an all cash buyer. Then Lender financing is extremely important to you, because this could be the difference between, you owning a home or renting a home.

At Solid Ground Real Estate we have an amazing First Time Home Buyer Program thats greared toward your success, and we guide you every step along the way. From lender financing, to the close of escrow, to inserting the key and opening the door to your new home. We Are Always There With You. .